Forbidden Fruit 2
Forbidden Fruit 2

List Price: $12.99
Our Price: $10.99
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Author: LaShawn Hewlett-Wilson
Book Type: Paperback

Product Code: 978-1515260387

Betrayal can never be forgiven. Is that really true? After her divorce, Rayne finds solace and happiness in the arms of a married man, but falling in love was more than she bargained for. She knows ending things is the right thing to do, but Rayne can’t help how she feels as she struggles with an overpowering urge that can’t be ignored…temptation.   Her ex-husband, Rashard doesn’t make things easier as he does whatever it takes to win back Rayne’s heart. He knows she has feelings for another man, but that isn’t enough to keep him away. It was Troy’s vindictive scheme that destroyed Rayne’s marriage, but when Rayne found out he was the cause, she wanted nothing to do with him. Make no mistakes about it, Troy wants nothing more than to be with Rayne, and sets his next plan in motion to get what his heart truly desires. But the outcome of his malevolent doings will be one no one seen coming.   In the midst of pain, pleasure, passion, and peril, shocking revelations are revealed that will forever alter the course of everyone’s lives.

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